TOSCA import/export

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The tools available on this page are provided with NO GUARANTEES and shall be used ONLY for validation of ETSI Specifications.

To report bugs, questions or feature request, please use the the issue tracker at ETSI Forge and select "TOSCA tools" as component.
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Generate a Docx document from the set of TOSCA definitions in YAML.

  1. Upload TOSCA definitions in YAML format. Filenames expected are:
    • etsi_nfv_sol001_vnfd_types.yaml
    • etsi_nfv_sol001_nsd_types.yaml
    • etsi_nfv_sol001_pnfd_types.yaml
  2. Download a docx file containing all the definitions.
Tosca YAML files:


Uploade a Docx document to get the TOSCA definitions in YAML files.

  1. Load SOL 001 specification in docx format.
  2. Download a zip file containing TOSCA definitions in YAML.
Docx file:

Custom version (overrides the selector):
Custom TOSCA version (default is tosca_simple_yaml_1_3):
Root of import statements:

Source code

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